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The industry leading Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling technologies available to retail. HullSonic systems are engineered by Globatech Australia with the same industry forefront anti-fouling technology advancements used by the US Coast Guard, Navy & commercial shipping vessels with our H2oBioSonic & CleanAHull branded technologies. 

Ultrasonic Anti-fouling with HullSonic

Create a barrier of protection on your hull with HullSonic™ Ultrasonic Bottom Paint. Hull Sonic™ is a must have for all boat owners and can protect vessels of all sizes. Utilizing the latest in developments from Globatech Australia, the industry leader in Ultrasonic Anti-fouling. You can drastically extend the life of your antifoul coating while improving fuel economy, performance and save you money!

HullSonic will prevent bio-fouling from attaching to your hull and running gear. Less haul-outs save you valuable time and money. Hull Sonic is the most effective and permanent bottom paint solution you will ever purchase.

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Completely automatic, self calibrating protection for your hull and stern gear. We have a stand-alone control unit to protect your vessel up to 50′ with 4 Transducers.

You can also use multiple control units to protect vessels & running gear up to 200’+ in length. We do like to help with hull layouts as necessary so feel free to contact us and discuss your needs. 


HullSonic HS200 Ultrasonic Anti-fouling System – 2 Transducers

The HullSonic™ HS200 provides 2 Transducers at 50W Peak of ultrasonic power per Transducer (100W). The HS200 is designed to protect vessels up to 32′ / 10m in length.


HullSonic HS400 Ultrasonic Anti-fouling System – 4 Transducers

The HullSonic™ HS400 provides 4 Transducers at 50W Peak of ultrasonic power per Transducer. The HS400 is designed to protect vessels up to 48′ / ~15m in length.

Save Time & Money

HullSonic Ultrasonic Anti-fouling will save you time and money by keeping your hull cleaner for longer. Reducing your antifouling, haul outs and fuel consumption costs.

Prevent BioFouling

Let HullSonic Ultrasonic Systems create a barrier of protection to continuously target and prevent bio-fouling from developing on your boat. 

Improve Performance

BioFouling on the hull ruines the performance of any vessel. With HullSonic you can keep a cleaner hull and increase your speed and improve fuel economy.

The Benefits of Ultrasonic Anti-fouling

The Hull Sonic electronic anti-fouling system is a must have for all vessels living in the water. Ultrasonic Anti-fouling provides a plethora of benefits by reducing or preventing marine biofouling; from improved performance to saving money and time!

Simple Installation

Installation is a simple process and typically can be done without any special tools. 

Environmentally Friendly

Reduce pollution with improved fuel efficiency & use less toxic anti-fouling paints with less applications.

Increased Resale Value

Vessels with our HullSonic electronic anti-fouling bottom paint preinstalled fetch a higher resale value.

Prevent Marine Bio-Fouling

HullSonic Ultrasonic systems are an effective solution to prevent and slow most marine fouling.

Improved Performance

Reduced drag with a cleaner hull, improves fuel efficiency and increases top speed. 

Save Money & Time

Save money & time with fewer haul outs, less anti-foul paint and less trips to the yard. 

How Ultrasonic Anti-fouling works

Hull Sonic Ultrasonic Anti-fouling systems work by emitting ultrasonic acoustic energy pulses. The ultrasonication energy is transmitted directly to the hull or running gear through HullSonic transducers attached to the hull or running gear within the bilge. The HullSonic anti-fouling transducers are similar to those already installed in your vessel for sonar and depth finding.

Ultrasonic anti-fouling properties were discovered by Navy's around the world when it was found that fouling was drastically reduced within a vicinity of sonar domes and depth finding equipment on submarines and ship hulls. Over the years there has been many other discoveries for the diverse uses of ultrasonic energy such as ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic welding (think of those plastic packaging that is hard to get open), algae control, and many many more.

With this knowledge and amazing advancements in digital electronics coupled with our 10+ years experience in the ultrasonic anti-fouling industry we have determined the best algorithms and frequency bands to target for protection. Specific frequency bands are used to discourage the growth of different marine fouling. For example Barnacles and similar attachment are deterred by frequencies around 20kHz - 30kHz and the cellular structure and reproductive cycle of algae and micro-organisms is disrupted at higher frequencies 40kHz - 70kHz.

The HullSonic system operates in a range between 19kHz - 80kHz and has a propriatary algorithm built from our years of experience that self-calibrates to determine the best frequency bands for your vessel. With these targetted advanced frequency pulses the HullSonic effectively works to reduce and stop marine fouling from attaching to your hull.

Destroys Algae & Prevents Barnacles.

Give your vessel the ultimate electronic bottom paint with HullSonic – Ultrasonic acoustic antifouling technologies. The “must have” for all boat hulls.

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Industrial & Commercial Applications

Custom Quotations & Commercial or Industrial Applications?

The HullSonic system is a consumer product, developed and manufactured by GLOBAtech Australia and intended for use in consumer vessels. GLOBAtech Australia is the worlds leader in ultrasonic anti-fouling / bio-fouling technologies and can meet any sized industry project requirements. Contact Us below for more information on our Larger Fleet / Commercial / Industrial Solutions.